July 03, 2024


[ Pella, IA ]

On a warm summer morning, Ring-O-Matic hosted the Manufacturing Express at their Pella facility at an event attended by manufacturing workers, community leaders, and friends and family. Warm, too, were the smiles on the faces of local kids finally seeing where their parents work; warm were the barbecue platters out front; warm was the embrace of the manufacturing community by the people, city, and county that rely on them. 

The awning on the Manufacturing Express provided welcome shade as company leaders made remarks honoring the hard work and achievements of the men and women who make America. “On the eve of Ring-O-Matic’s 65th anniversary,” Director Tony Bokohoven said, “we’re continuing to grow.”

Ring-O-Matic employees pose with the Manufacturing Express.

Ring-O-Matic owner Brian Metcalf shed light on how 65 years of history have seen a small machine shop grow into a local leader in equipment manufacturing. Bill Van Zante, who grew upon a farm just outside Pella, hung out his shingle in 1960 as a maker of problem-solving machinery for farmers in his community—the name came from one of his first inventions, an automatic hog-ringer. 

Ring-O-Matic friends and family compete for the high score at the Manufacturing Challenge.

Today, Metcalf says, Ring-O-Matic represents a pillar of Marion County manufacturing, one that brings prosperity to Iowa workers and families. “You can make six figures out of high school here,” Metcalf explained. We represent a solid tax base, solid employment opportunities, and continuing to show the world that Marion County is a place where the manufacturing industry can help people make a life for themselves.”

Ring-O-Matic isn’t as big as some of its neighbors, it’s true—something that Metcalf sees as more of a blessing than a curse. “I know the name of every single employee here.” It’s that level of familiarity that sets Ring-O-Matic apart, in the minds of the people here. The goal, to Metcalf, is to create a work environment that beats out the competition. “We want a place where everybody has a seat at the table.”

Ring-O-Matic is still growing; the equipment manufacturing industry in central Iowa still has room to grow. But here, in Pella, there’s no doubt about it: they’re building something special.

7/3 | Ring-o-Matic (Pella, IA)

Equipment Manufacturers' Impact in IOWA

$18.3 billion is generated in tax revenue each year.

27.7k jobs are supported in Iowa alone.

131.9k jobs equipment manufacturers indirectly support.

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